About us

Mission Statement


Lightron will be a company that succeeds with the customer and its suppliers.

Lightron has been in a continual path of engineering innovations and evolutions to contribute to the reliable products builds, compelling technologies and prices. To have built up solid business engagements with our core affiliates is one of our paramount milestons and evermore goals.


Lightron is widely open to create and leverage all odds around us.

The company highly values on the spirit and mindset to characterize the individualities and prides to make all employees immersed in enhancing and diversifying the values of the company and themselves as well.


Lightron will keep paving the bright way for the future with above board management.

We will have all Lightron shareholders recognize where we are and where we will be. With everlasting investment activities to the company engineering competences, infrastructures, human resources and professional administration strategies, we will be the one achieving the goals of all. Moreover, we will strengthen extensive shareholder communications about the position of the company's management by promoting business activities.

Lightron will continue to pursue a better framework for delivering long-term value creation, which can contribute to better management and ultimately sustainable creation of wealth for our shareholders. Lightron will not only strengthen our competitiveness in existing business areas, but also will actively search new demand that will yield extensive business opportunities in the future. We will continue to execute our full capacity to develop new opportunities that will sustain our growth, thereby generating stable financial results.


Lightron will be the choice of people and society in the end.

The company will always deliver a fair and sincere contribution to the community and the nation all the way with continuing accommodations to employments, taxation, green products operation and etc. Finally, we will make a positive contribution to Daejeon commubity where we operate.

  • The company that the customer and supplier would like to work with
  • The company that the employees would like to work for
  • The company that the shareholders would like to invest in
  • The company that the CEO continues to pursue long-term value creation
  • The company that the community honors

This is what we had when we were a beginner. We will do our utmost to name ourselves as the one with the best craft-man in the industry with all of you. We highly appreciate for your lasting interests and supports on Lightron.